Rules & Regulation

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Rules & Regulation

  1. Any person is allowed to duplicate organisation’s identity card, letter head or board these thing are only provided by organisation. Any member duplicating these will be suspended with charges of fraud and forgery and legal actions will be taken under the Law of the Trust.
  2. Only designated members are allowed to have letter heads or name designated boards and are instructed to request for it to the chief secretary (Department of Investigation)..
  3. If identity card, letter heads or name designated board are lost or stolen members are instructed to first file and General Diary Entry (GDE) to the local police station and contact the state or central committee within 24 hours.
  4. The organisation will not accept and take responsibility of any illegal activities by any of the member. So members are advised not to use your identity card or your designation in any illegal purposes.
  5. Every Member in the Indian Human Rights Organization is bound to the rules and regulations of the organisation and must follow them.
  6. All committees are instructed to report any meetings, celebration, campaign, rally or any type of function to their one superior committee.
  7. All committees must conduct at least 2 meetings and report the summary of the meeting to their one superior committee.
  8. President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary of District committee has the authority to suspend any of the member other than the above-mentioned of the district committee and must report to the state General Secretary after doing so, for further enquiry and action.
  9. President, General secretary and Joint Secretary of state has the authority to suspend and one from district committee and state Committee other than the above mentioned and after doing so must report to the central Committee for further enquiry and action.
  10. Secretary, Joint Secretary, Chief Secretary (Department of Investigation) has full authority to terminate and suspend any person without any reason from the organisation other than the above mentioned.
  11. Any types of funding or donations are done any person is not be refundable under the law of the trust.


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